Comprehensive Care Solutions’ technologies are a core component of our service delivery model. Our platform establishes healthcare connectivity across disparate entities and points of care to ensure that providers are fully informed at each stage.


eConsult is a web-based secure messaging platform that provides electronic access to a range of Specialty Care physicians in a high quality, cost-effective manner. By facilitating communication between PCPs and Specialists, eConsult encourages efficient use of limited specialty resources:

• Pre-screen patients to reduce unnecessary referral requests – referral processes are streamlined by enabling PCPs to ask Specialists questions about a patient’s medical history prior to appointments.

• Encourage PCP-Specialist collaboration on difficult cases – PCPs have the ability to ask Specialists about treatment plans or discuss a case that may or may not need a specialty referral.

• Broaden Specialist participation – eConsult reduces unnecessary referrals, and improves the quality of information available for patients who truly require specialty care.

In addition to gains in efficiency, eConsult provides an element of training and education to the referring PCP. PCPs gain confidence through ongoing interaction with Specialists, and resources are maximized at both the primary care and specialty care levels.

Care Orchestration

CCS’s web-based care team platform integrates with existing client technologies and workflows to orchestrate the global care of the patient. All care plans and related documentation are securely and centrally managed. Additionally, providers within the same Integrated Care Team have the ability to view and share case information and efficiently exchange secure electronic communication. Serving as a centralized communication hub, the CCS care team platform enhances care coordination efforts, and increases patient and provider engagement.